Why Do I Keep Having The Same Dream


Why do I keep having the same dream?

Recently a number of people having been telling me about dreams that they keep having on a regular basis – monthly, weekly or, in one case, nightly. These are called ‘recurring dreams’ – mainly because they recur!

However, these dreams are not nightmares  so what are they all about?

Firstly, you need to be aware that dreams are usually symbolic and can contain a message from the spiritual realm. (As these were not nightmares though we can assume that the spiritual force behind these dreams have the best interests of the dreamer at heart)

Why do they recur? Well to put this in its simplest form either:

  • you didn’t understand the message contained in the dream or
  • you didn’t act on it

So the dream was sent again.

These dreams can either be exactly the same or a variation on a theme. It’s just like when you have to say something using slightly different words in order for the person you are trying to communicate with to understand what you are trying to say. The author of your dreams will keep trying to find new and creative ways to communicate the message to you until either you ‘get it’ or ‘act on it’.

If you’ve been having recurring dreams then the first thing you can do is to connect with God who is the Giver of Dreams and ask what the message is. If you are still having difficulty understanding the message in the dream then send the dream in via the form you will find on our home page: www.thedreamhouse.co The dream interpreters there would love to help you to understand the meaning of your dreams.

We look forward to hearing from you soon

Sweet dreams!