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Why Pay for the Services on this Website?

A hunger for accurate dream interpretation is on the rise. After being inundated for years with requests to interpret dreams we have discovered; people are dreaming…. everywhere! They are sensing there must be a greater meaning to their dreams which in turn, is propelling them to seek for answers.

We both recognized not only the rising tide of seekers but also the need for many more well trained, gifted, dream interpreters and thus; ‘The Dream House’.

All finances received will be for the purpose of sustaining and increasing the different aspects of The Dream House, they will not be for personal profit. This is why we have also set up the facility for people to make financial gifts into this vision.

Where will money go?

EVENTS: For the past few years we have both organized and attended various events where we offer many different spiritual resources for FREE. (See about us)

At these events we offer free dream interpretation, spiritual readings and encounters, spiritual healing and art. Teams are so often flooded with people searching for direction, wisdom and the deeper meaning for their lives and dreams in these times.

HOME & AWAY: We organize, train and serve on teams throughout Scotland as well as traveling to distant lands to assist similar encounter teams and up till now this has not been cheap!

Revenue from The Dream House will help to sustain these events and the costs involved so we can continue to provide these services free of charge.


We both teach courses that help people to develop their spiritual gifts. The Dream House would aim to be a next step for the graduates with one on one training through submitting their own dreams and interpretations, online mentoring courses and Dream Intensives. We recognize the need for a training station in the UK that can help budding dream interpreters receive further training and support.


Our new website business also has plenty of its own costs involved to set up and maintain so that we can offer all these services.

So, we hope you can see that through this page and other information on the site that all finance will help this vision to put down strong roots and grow wider branches so we can help many, many more people understand their dreams, receive healing, wisdom, help and understanding for their journey