What is Dream Interpretation?

Often when we’re out and about at events offering dream interpretation, people will say to us things like: “Oh I don’t dream!” Or “I know I dream, but I don’t remember them!” However, scientists have shown that we all dream every night. It just seems that in Western cultures we have been taught that dreams are not important. Therefore, because we are constantly being bombarded by information the part of our brain which filters what we need to remember dismisses our dreams as being unimportant.

┬áSo to get the ball rolling, here are a few pointers to help you remember your dreams…

  1. Try to be peaceful in body, mind and spirit as you drift off to sleep
  2. Before you fall asleep, tell yourself that you are going to waken up before the alarm goes off
    3. If you waken from a dream record it immediately: write it down, speak it into your mobile, draw it ….. or whatever works for you. It doesn’t matter how silly or insignificant it may seem, if it’s something you remember from the dream record it!

As you start to value the dreams you have, you should find that gradually you will remember more of them. Then the trick is to work out what they mean…..

The information on this page is designed to help you gain a basic understanding of dreams and why the messages they contain are important.

Heather Sutherland, Lead Interpreter

Frequently Asked Questions about dreams

Where do dreams come from?

Although many dreams can come from within ourselves, some dreams can come from the spirit realm which includes both dark forces and the Light. When dreams are uplifting, joyful, full of colour, inspiring and so on, then they have come from the Light spiritual realm. When dreams are intimidating, fearful, lacking in colour, full of anxiety and so on, then they have come from the dark side of the spiritual realm.

We have found that regardless of the source, understanding the meaning of a dream can help people on their life’s journey. In the case of dreams from the light, they serve as a guide for the path that lead us into the destiny we were created for. Dreams from dark spiritual forces are the opposite of what the Light has in store for us and therefore can help us understand what is hindering our spiritual journey.


Why are dreams important?

You will find your dreams can function in your life in the following ways:

  • Give you insight into your destiny
  • Prepare you for things to come in the future spiritually, physically and emotionally
  • Open your eyes to patterns and fears that are blocking you from advancing into your destiny
  • Heal you from past wounds and hurts
  • Provide the light needed for you to grow spiritually in all areas of your life


Does every symbol mean the same thing from one dream to another?

In short: NO!

Everyone has a history and cultural understanding that the spiritual realms are aware of and so symbols are used accordingly. For example, in many western cultures dogs are pets and companions. This means dogs will often represent friends and friendship in our dreams. However, in places like Korea, they eat dog meat. For a Korean then a dog may represent spiritual teaching (food).

In addition to this though, we have our own personal history that needs to be taken into consideration. If we’ve had a pet dog that we’ve loved and cherished then dogs would be a good symbol in our dreams. However, if we’ve been bitten by a dog and are fearful of them, they would represent something negative in our dreams such as an attack of some kind coming our way.