Dreaming Business Solutions


Dreaming Business Solutions

It’s the start of a New Year and many of us are contemplating returning to work after the Festive Period. For some this is an exciting time but for others they may be facing a situation in their work life where a problem just seems to be too big and no answers were forthcoming?

In 1845 Elias Howe Jr faced a similar situation – but then he had a dream …

You may not have heard of Elias Howe but the clothes you are wearing and the soft furnishings in your house have all been made with thanks to Elias Howe. He wanted to build a machine which would make the sewing process quicker. However, he could not imagine how it could be done. One night in his dream he saw a group of Native Americans attacking another tribe. As arrows were being fired at tents/wigwams which were not made of hide but of a thick cloth. What caught Howe’s attention most was that as the arrows pierced the tents, some of them snagged threads and drew the thread through with the tips of the arrows creating large loops of loose thread. This was just what Elias Howe needed to see – according to one story, he then leapt out of bed and went straight to his workshop where he invented the world’s first locking stitch sewing machine!

This invention meant that, for a while, Elias Howe became the second most wealthy man in the world.

In previous posts, I have mentioned that God is interested in all aspects of our lives. Why wouldn’t that include providing us with the solutions we need for our business life?

So next time you face a problem at work where the answer doesn’t seem to be forethcoming, perhaps you should ask the God to provide you with a free ‘Business Solution’ while you sleep.

If, however, you can’t/don’t understand the massage that is contained in the dream, then maybe The Dream House can help….

Sweet Dreams!