I dreamed about you last night!


I dreamed about you last night!

How often has someone said that to you?

I have been told that numerous times – but you know what? The dream hasn’t been about me at all!

Most dreams that people remember are actually about them, the dreamer, not about anyone or anything else. This can be hard for us to come to grips with because we want the dreams to be about others rather than us!

For example we may dream about a bad situation at work and our automatic reaction is to assume that the dream is showing us just how bad the situation is, who did what, and who said this or that. However, it is more likely that the dream is about our attitude to what is happening at work or what our role in the situation is.

So why do people we know appear in our dreams? We need to remember that dreams are symbolic so there can be many reasons that these people appear, but some of the most common are connected to:

  • the relationship the person has to us (are they a family member, close friend,)
  • the job the person does
  • their name (you can use websites like babynames.com to help you with this).

Once we’ve managed to figure this out it’ll become more obvious why the dream is about us!

If you, as the dreamer, are taking part in the dream – you’re talking with people, you are involved in all the action taking place in the dream, then guess what? No matter how many other people are in the dream, 99 times out a 100 the dream will be about you!

Sweet Dreams!