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You can learn more about dream interpretation by taking a Streams Course, or reading more from our recommended reading selection.


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A place of interpration and learning

This website has been created with you in mind – it’s where you can tell us your dreams.

We don’t mind if they’re wild, scary, recurring, comforting or mind-blowingly awesome!

You may have had the dream years ago, or maybe just last night – if you want to know what it means we need you to type out as much as you can remember and answer a few questions about the dream (and you!)

Once you have submitted the dream for interpretation, one of our interpreters will give your dream their personal attention.

Our aim is to get the interpretation to you within fourteen days, however, as each dream takes approximately one hour to interpret at times of high demand this may not always be possible. We will notify you if this is the case.

If you have taken training courses from Streams and want to hone your skills as an interpreter then we are here for you too – head over to the kitchen and study to see what we have on offer for you.

Heather Sutherland - The Dream House Training Company

My heart for this website is to connect the dreamers to the message of your dreams and for interpreters to develop your skills.

Heather Sutherland, Lead Interpreter

Featured Dream Interpretation Packages


One to One Dream Coaching

Receive email feedback on your interpretation. There will be 3 return emails for each dream and interpretation sent in.

  • 5 Dreams
  • Valid for 12 months

£50 per 5 x dreams

One-to-one Dream Mentoring

These one on one bespoke sessions are aimed at helping you develop skills in dream interpretation. 

  • 3 x I – hour mentoring sessions via Zoom
  • Exclusive access to Lead Dream Interpreter
  • Valid for 12 months

£60 per 3 sessions

Friends of Dream House

For a monthly contribution you will be able to access restricted areas of the website with content designed just for you. In addition, there is:

  • Monthly webinars
  • Discount on shop purchases
  • First option to join Dream House team at events

£10 per month

Learn to interpret your own dreams by joining with our partners at Streams to attend their entry level course – The Art of Hearing God.



What other say about us…

For me your interpretations have brought great comfort and encouragement in different seasons of my life.
Benny Thomas

Ever had a dream that you found bugged you a bit. You usually just give it a bit of thought, perhaps mention it to a friend or two and that’s it.

Well, if you would like to know more, you need look further as would enable you to make sense of your dream. It has done that for me a number of times – and knowing the meaning has helped.

Rob Isbister

I use The Dream House to build up my skills in dream interpretation. This has been invaluable in understanding more of my dreams as well as interpreting the dreams of others. I love the combination of community, learning and opportunities to help others understand their dreams.

I find being a friend of Dream House is a great way to practice dream interpretation and to keep up to date with current prophetic insights. It’s also a great resource to be able to point others to on their journey so they can investigate dream interpretation for themselves.
Juliet Fuller

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