When is a Dream not a Dream?


When is a dream not a dream?

No, I’m not trying to crack a joke! I really am being serious.

In Western cultures we’ve been taught that if ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is) happens while we are asleep then it has to be a dream. But that ain’t necessarily so

There is a vast array of spiritual experiences that can happen while we are asleep: from seeing visions to visiting Heavenly realms, or being visited by angels to meeting someone on the other side of the world! This is just a snapshot of what can potentially happen while we’re asleep!

I see part of my role as a dreamer interpreter as being able to explain to people that what took place while they were asleep wasn’t a dream. Now, I admit, for some people that is a very scary thought – but for others it can be very liberating.

Let me give you an example:

At one event I was at a young woman recounted a ‘dream’ that she had had when she was about 4 years old. In this ‘dream’ she said that she was standing next to a pillar of light flecked with gold. A woman standing on the other side of the pillar said to her “This is God”. Her face was a picture when I said “I’m sorry I can’t give you an interpretation for that dream – because it wasn’t a dream, it was a real spiritual experience! When you were 4 you were introduced to God”. Her response was tears and thanks! For years she’d had experiences like this but other people had dismissed them as figments of her imagination. She was very relieved to find someone who was able (and willing) to validate these experiences as being very real.

SO when is a dream not a dream? When it can’t be interpreted symbolically but you know something very real happened when you were asleep!

Sweet Dreams!