Do you want your dreams analysed or interpreted?


Do you want your dream analysed or interpreted?

While at work a few months ago I was listening to the radio while I did some admin on the PC. As it got near to home time I became distracted by one of the guests that the presenter had in the studio. He was described as a ‘dream analyst’ who had written a couple of books and analysed over 1000 dreams and is Scottish. My ears pricked up as this could almost have described meapart from I would say that I interpret dreams rather than analyse them

This got me thinking – what is the difference between what I do and what this guy is offering? So I listened a little more intently.

Initially there seemed like very little difference between us. Symbols were given similar meanings. For example dream about the house you used to live in represented something from your past. However, as the article on the radio went on subtle differences did start to appear – flying near the ground was analysed as meaning that your thoughts are not grounded or you are just about to bring a project in to land. This was where the light started to dawn for me. Nowhere in this method of dealing with dreams was there any allowance for the dream originating from any source but the dreamer. There was no recognition of the spiritual realm at all. Everything here was about the psyche.

I found myself thinking – how sad!

In one of the dreams a woman was dreaming about all of these little fish that she was to care for. The analyst was telling her that she was basically just processing all the different areas of her life and that there may be some that she needs to let go of. I was almost screaming at the radio “No that’s wrong! The fish represent people. She has a pastoral heart for people in her care!” There was no hope or positivity in the message that was given to this woman about her dream. In my humble opinion the ‘dream expert’ missed the whole point of the dream that was presented to him. This was a good example of a soulish message being given to a spiritual dream.

This simply showed me, yet again, the massive difference in the way people are taught to look at dreams is very important. It is vital for the dreamer to understand if their dream is going to be analysed or interpreted.

So far me, I would much rather have my dreams interpreted rather than analysed. But, for now, it seems that the analysts have the access to the airwaves …….

Sweet Dreams!