I don’t dream


I Don’t Dream

Quite often when I’m offering dream interpretation at events numerous people will walk by saying: “I’m sorry, I don’t dream” (Why they need to apologise for this, I’m never quite sure!)

The point I’m trying to make here is that everyone dreams every night – most people simply don’t remember them.

In Western cultures we have been so influenced by the logic promoted by the ancient Greeks, that we accept as “truth” that dreams are not important. Our brains are wonderful pieces of ingenuity that deal with so much information each day it’s a wonder it doesn’t explode! It copes by using a kind of programming: what is important and what isn’t. Your brain will use this programming to work out what it needs to remember (Important) and what it doesn’t (Unimportant). By being told things from an early age like “It was just a dream” our brains programme dreams as unimportant and therefore doesn’t remember them – or if you do remember it on waking you forget it very soon afterwards.

Other cultures, such as those from the middle or far-east,  still view dreams as being important, so people from these areas remember more of their dreams because of the way their brains have been programmed.

So, if you want to remember more of your dreams – it’ll involve reprogramming your brain! Don’t worry – this is not a painful process.

  • As you get ready for bed try telling yourself that you want to remember any dreams that you do have during the night.
  • If you do wake up remembering a dream try to record it as soon as possible – speak it into your phone, write it down, draw a picture of it  – whatever will help you to remember the dream.
  • Waking up before your alarm goes off can also be beneficial to remembering dreams

The more that your brain is reprogrammed to remember dreams, the more you will find you remember. It won’t happen overnight, but very soon you will find you are starting to remember more and more of your dreams. Then you are faced with the fun of working out what they mean ………..

Sweet Dreams!