Dreams and Creativity


Dreams and Creativity –

5 Soldiers

A few years ago as part of my ‘paid employment’ I attended a presentation given by Rosie Kay of Rosie Kay dance company about a production that she was bringing to Scotland called ‘5 Soldiers’. 

When she was explaining about the initial idea for the production Rosie told the story of her dancing on stage and suffering a terrible injury to her knee which resulted in her being admitted to hospital and undergoing surgery. As she was recovering from surgery she was asking lots of deep questions such as “where is your soul”, “what makes me me?” Up to this point in her life, her whole identity had been wrapped up in her ability to dance. Now it was a real possibility that she would never dance again. 

One night, while she was still in hospital she had a very dramatic dream. In the dream she saw herself lying on a battlefield and her leg had been completely blown off in an explosion. Upon waking Rosie was left with a sense of perspectiveas much as she was struggling with her identity, how much more was the same true of young soldiers who were injured in battle?

This led Rosie down the path of finding out about how soldiers are “made” and what impact such dramatic injuries have their lives. The final product of the journey that her dream sent her on has been the dance production ‘5 Soldiers’. http://rosiekay.co.uk/project/5-soldiers/

This is the result of one dream that was given to a creative person– what could your dreams be encouraging you to create?

 Sweet Dreams!