One to One Interpretation

After you have taken at least the Understanding Dreams and Visions course from Streams, you will be able to access One-to-One interpretation sessions with Heather, our Lead Interpreter. Coaching Sessions happen via email while Mentoring Sessions are live via Zoom.

Heather’s is trained in the Ancient Hebraic method of Dream Interpretation and is a Master Certified Dream interpreter.

Heather Sutherland, Lead Interpreter

Featured Dream Interpretation Packages


One to One Dream Coaching

Receive email feedback on your interpretation. There will be 3 return emails for each dream and interpretation sent in.

  • 5 Dreams
  • Valid for 12 months

£50 per 5 x dreams

One-to-one Dream Mentoring

These one on one bespoke sessions are aimed at helping you develop skills in dream interpretation. 

  • 3 x I – hour mentoring sessions via Zoom
  • Exclusive access to Lead Dream Interpreter
  • Valid for 12 months

£60 per 3 sessions

Friends of Dream House

For a monthly contribution you will be able to access restricted areas of the website with content designed just for you. In addition, there is:

  • Monthly webinars
  • Discount on shop purchases
  • First option to join Dream House team at events

£10 per month