Interpreter’s Introduction

Introducing the Interpreter’s House


This blog gets it’s name from Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan.

(By the way the introduction to the book goes like this “As I walked through the wilderness of this world, I lighted down on a certain place where there was a den (the gaol) and I laid me down in that place to sleep: and as I slept I dreamed a dream. I dreamed and behold, I saw a man clothed with rags standing in a certain place, with his face from his own house, a book in his hand, and a great burden on his back” ….. SO is Pilgrims Progress a dream??? I will leave that thought with you!!)

Anyway, this blog title is influenced most by the section of the book where Christian encounters Interpreter. When Christian reaches Interpreters House he announces to the owner of the house that he has been told that “if I called here you (the interpreter) would show me excellent things, such as would be helpful to me on my journey”

One commentator on Pilgrims Progress says that it would be difficult to find 12 more eloquent pages of English language. Now, I am not claiming that this blog will in any way, shape or form come close to what John Buynan wrote, but I am hopeful that this will help you to become a better interpreter of dreams than you were when you started on this journey.

This is my prayer for each of you, that as we journey through various topics specifically connected with being an interpreter of dreams that you would experience the love and graciousness of the original interpreter (The Holy Spirit) will blow the dust away from your eyes and heart so that your passion will be ignited but you will have the patience to sit and wait at the Master’s feet when needed.

So let us follow Christian’s example and journey on through life but be attentive to what the Interpreter is saying to you about the dreams that you encounter along the way!